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Holiday, fish, south

Holiday fish down south

Got away

One that got away.

Good day

Perfect end to a good day.

Southern river

Yonei san with southern river’s brown

Good Catch, NZ

Nice brown trout caught on their NZ holiday

Fishing central otago

A warm up for a multi sports weekend, fishing in central otago

southern brown trout

Test the prototype rods on southern brown trout


Andy with hard earned brownie

Flipping, fish

Flipping fish

Central otago

Summer days central otago

Middle earth brown trout

Brown trout caught in middle earth.

Rainbow, Storm

Rainbow caught between the storm!

southern, river, riffle

A silver bullet from southern river riffle

High country, brown trout, Queenstown

High-country brown trout near Queenstown

Mouse year in NZ

Mouse year NZ is in full swing.

Mouse year, NZ, Southern Riffle

Southland Brown trout caught on a mouse fly

Tiny hut NZ

Tiny fishing hut

NZ Southern style

Hook ups in NZ, southern style

2016/2017 season opeing

First fish of 2016/2017 season

River Talk Guiding New Zealand

Ayato Otsubo

Rainbow, Queenstown

Fit Rainbow caught near Queenstown


A “spotty” caught near Queenstown

Fish on

Fish on!

Learn to fish, Southern, NZ

Learn to fish in Southern NZ

God Zone, New Zealand

God Zone called New Zealand

Central Otago

Quality time in Central Otago

Angler's Accommodation, Central Otago

Angler’s accommodation in Central Otago

Being there, NZ

It’s all about being there, NZ style

High country stream of New Zealand

Speying away

A fit Rainbow trout caught on Spey fishing

Road Trip South Island NZ

Fishing evening rise

Golden, brown

Golden brown

High country, Central South Island, New Zealand

High country rainbow caught in Central South Island New Zealand

The boss

The boss

River Talk Guiding New Zealand

Giant rainbow trout caught in Queenstown New Zealand

Spey safari

Spey Safari

Double hook up, Southern Riffle

Double hook up, Southern Riffle Style

High country, Queenstown

Bystanders in a high country river near Queenstown

Spotting the trout near Queenstown

Spotting the trout near Queenstown

Hooked up, southern, New Zealand

Early riser gets hooked up in Southern New Zealand

Photo Gellery

Golden River

Southern Riffle

Brown trout swimming off int riffle

Alastair fishing New Zealand


Make a friend in NZ

Southern riffle

Southern Riffle

Talk to the river

Talk to the river

Deep water, white bait, Queenstown

Deep water white bait muncher near Queenstown



southern riffle style

A proud catch southern riffle style

Spey Safari

Riverse Snap T cast

Central Otago, Autumn, NZ Central Otago, Autumn, fishing, NZ Central South Island, fishing, NZ Mataura River, NZ Spin, fishing, NZ Catch and release, NZ Sight spin, fishing, NZ

Back country NZ

Cicada rise at it’s peak

Fishing New Zealand, Queenstown, Mataura River



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